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March 2009:
I've added new blog to the site. This will contain many things tech related.Visit it here..


Here is where I will place a number of useful downloads / utilities which I use on a regular basis.

1. Spyware Utilities.

Spyboy Search and Destroy.

I find Spybot search and destroy an excellent tool to use in the prevention and removal of spyware. Best of all it's free. Visit the homepage here.

2. Antivirus Software.

AVGFree is a good antivirus tool as is also Avast!

3. Video conversion Tools.

VirtualDub Mod is a great tool for quickly editing various video files and can also re-encode videos with different codecs. It also has a wide range of filters which can be applied to the source video as well. Eg. De-interlacing the input video.

Super video encoder is a great piece of software for converting files of varying different formats for a variety of different devices. Eg it will easily convert videos for viewing on your ipod or your Sony psp.

StaxRip is also great for converting between different types of video formats. One of its' best features is that if it does not have a codec or the relevant program for the conversion that it will automatically download it. This is probably the best tool to use in terms of functionality and ease of use.